TRAPVIEW is an automated pest monitoring system that monitors all kinds of insects, which can be lured into insect traps. It works on all continents in any area covered by the GPRS or 3G network. TRAPVIEW system consists of three fully integrated, automated and easy to use tools.

Reliable & consistent season long image transmission with great potential to improve our control strategies

Colin Carter, UK

As an entomologist I'm excited about new possibilities that TRAPVIEW provides

dr. Magda Rak Cizej, Slovenian Institute for Hop Research and Brewing


Automated smart trap

The energy independent and weather resistant pheromone traps send pictures of lured pests.


Cloud-based processing

All pictures from your traps are gathered, processed and securely archived. The pests that are recognized are automatically marked.


Monitoring application

An application with powerful analytical tools allows you to efficiently monitor and successfully respond to the situation in the field.

Impact and corporate investors catalyze 3,7m EUR for the reduction of pesticides to meet urgent demand for more sustainable farming practices

With significantly raising accuracy and decreasing costs of pest control TRAPVIEW provides an innovative solution for farmers, advisers and researchers.

Benefits for growers

Increased accuracy of monitoring at a lower cost

Fewer field visits and more efficient pest control

Optimized pesticide application timings

Near real-time insight into a pest situation in the field

Easy data sharing with an adviser

Benefits for advisers

Increased accuracy of monitoring at a lower cost

Pest-related field trips reduced by up to 70%

Effortless pest monitoring of vast area with less resources

Near real-time insight into a pest situation in an area

Simplified administration and communication with clients

Benefits for researchers

Increased accuracy of monitoring at a lower cost

Automated and precise data gathering

Short data collection intervals and securely archived data

A great source of data to verify and develop pest-related models

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Monitor pests efficiently. Improve your business significantly.

TRAPVIEW provides near real-time indications of pest occurrences. The enhanced monitoring accuracy and powerful analytical application will significantly increase the quality and viability of your decision making.

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Daily updates. From all fields. Automatically.

Each Travpiew automated trap is fully automated, energy independent and can be extended with basic weather data sensors. Integrated 2G, 3G and LTE connectivity allows reliable automatic data collection.

  • the standard shaped housings capture pests very efficiently
  • durable, light and weather resistant housing
  • high resolution images of pests caught in the trap
  • integrated 2G, 3G, LTE and GPS

TRAPVIEW has been monitoring more than 30 different pest species, which can be lured into insect traps. Pheromone is not included.

Make data work for you

Data from traps is sent to the cloud where it is processed and securely archived. In the process, pests are automatically marked by a set of complex AI algorithms.

  • automated pest marking and counting
  • statistical pest data collection
  • area-wide pest monitoring
  • pest forecast

The data processing takes place in a cloud, so no additional hardware or software infrastructure is required. When needed, TRAPVIEW can be easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure.

When traps are placed in a network of interconnected devices, one device can cover tens of hectares of growing area, providing deep insights in the pest population dynamics.

Accurate pest data delivered to the device of your choice

A simple to use interface provides a map of traps placed, timeline with archived pictures, possibility to review and modify automatically marked pests and relevant statistics regarding pest population and weather data. The application lets you monitor pest populations and their dynamics in near real-time from anywhere.

  • statistical interpretations of pest occurrences
  • data comparison through time
  • integrated local weather data and predicted influence on a pest population
  • optional manual marking of insects
  • multiple language selection
  • interactive map with trap locations

Trap models

TRAPVIEW won multiple innovation awards and is patent pending.


Most widely deployed model of the trap has a similar external appearance as the conventional delta traps, therefore its pest catch efficiency is on the same level with conventional traps as well.

Used for monitoring

  • codling moths – Cydia pomonella in apples and pears
  • plum fruit moths – Grapholita funebrana in plums
  • tomato leafminers – Tuta absoluta in tomatoes
  • grape berry moths – Lobesia botrana and Eupoecilia ambiguella in wine grapes
  • oriental fruit moths – Cydia molesta in peaches
  • diamondback moth – Plutella Xylostella in plants from Cruciferae family / Brassica
  • and many more

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Innovative Trapview SELF-CLEANING mechanism enables daily and reliable collection of pest monitoring data and significantly reduces the need for pest monitoring field visits.

A SELF-CLEANING model integrating bucket/funnel type of trap is especially suitable for larger moth species that come in high numbers, thus frequent change of sticky surface is required:

  • cotton bollworm – Helicoverpa armigera
  • silver Y moth – Autographa gamma
  • army worms – Spodoptera spp.
  • and many more

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Trapview AURA

Trapview AURA uses a light lure that attracts insects by polarized UV light. A light trap is the most reliable method for monitoring of night moths, such as European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis), which have a poor response to chemical attractants. Trapview AURA enables a combination of light and chemical lures in the same trap so that it enables monitoring of a wide range of pests.

Used for monitoring:

  • European corn borer – Ostrinia nubilalis in corn

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Trapview FLY

Traps equipped with plastic housing designed for trapping flies (Diptera) more efficiently. The housing is highly modular and allows different size and shapes of entry holes. The bottom of the housing allows the use of different attractants including liquid ones. The + stands for a model with high resolution cameras for monitoring small flies like Drosophila Suzukii.

Used for monitoring:

  • mediterranean fruit fly – Ceratitis capitata in citrus and peaches
  • spotted wing drosophila – Drosophila suzukii in fruits and grapes

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A special model of traps developed for monitoring flying insects on colour sticky plates.

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Temperature and humidity sensor

If temperature and humidity sensors are added to the trap, it is also possible to have more data about local weather conditions. Temperature degree days chart for chosen pest enables even better decision making.

External Antenna

In remote areas with a good access to mobile network is a bit of a chalenge an additional external antenna is recommended to improve reception of the mobile network signal.

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Trapview Applications

Access your pest related data from everywhere.

TRAPVIEW WEB application offers a detailed view of high resolution images taken from the trap and includes some analytical features for comparison of data over time. With the software for automated marking and counting of pests also alarms for pest occurrence can be triggered. It is also possible to connect temperature and humidity sensors for collecting local weather data. Based on that the Trapview WEB enables the insight into the history data and provides some statistical presentation of pest counts too.

TRAPVIEW MOBILE application enables users to take pictures of sticky plates of the “manual” traps, to add data regarding number of insects on those sticky plates and to upload all the data to the Trapview system, where it is shown next to data gathered from automated traps. That allows matrix monitoring (multiple traps per hectare), having all pest related data in one place and combining early warning system with conventional monitoring for even better monitoring and cost performance.

The Trapview team

We are a group of experts with rich experience in developing complex integrated information systems in the field of environment and food safety.

Matej Štefančič

Matej Štefančič


Dorian Šuc


Dejan Jerič


Mitja Strojanšek


Katarina Mele

Head of Computer Vision

Mateja Štefančič

Head of Biological Research

Tanja Bertok

Head of Support

Boštjan Božič

VP Sales and Marketing

Jošt Potrpin

Key Account Manager

Polona Urbanc

Customer Success Manager

Karmen Kompara

Sales and Marketing Assistant

Sabina Barle Kragelj

Head Office

Miha Kosmač


Nika Bajc


Irena Čavdek

Data scientist/Developer

Klemen Možina


Mojca Maček


Jana Gombač

Support Service Assistant




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Frequently Asked Questions

We collected the answers to our users' most frequent questions in the FAQ section below.

  • Although the general IPM recommendations are to use one trap per 1-5 hectares (2.5-12 acres), depending of the crop - the automated trap, especially when it is a part of a larger area-wide network of automated traps, can cover even 50-150 hectares (120-350 acres). Sometimes even more. Exact number of needed traps depends upon configuration of the orchard/field, crop and insect monitored.

  • How does it compare to standard pheromone delta trap? Why is TRAPVIEW a smart trap?

    In terms of attracting and catching pests TRAPVIEW is very similar to any standard delta trap. Experiments in Germany, UK, Slovenia and Italy show very similar catches as standard traps with identical dynamic. TRAPVIEW is a smart trap because sticky insert where insects are caught is being automatically photographed each day (or more times a day if needed) which allows users to be aware of pest situation in the field in real time.

  • How often trap needs attendance?

    Trap needs to be attended when the (sticky plate) is full, or when pheromone needs to be changed. Frequency really depends upon the pest and area where trap is placed. In some cases – like when using mating disruption system for example you should be fine with one sticky plate for the whole year. In other cases sticky plate should be changed more often. Each TRAPVIEW trap comes with solar panel which charged battery, which makes it completely energy independent.

  • TRAPVIEW traps are green - how can I locate them?

    Each TRAPVIEW trap comes with built-in GPS receiver and location of the trap is sent with every picture transmission. This makes it very easy to always find the trap in the field.

  • Can TRAPVIEW be used for only one pest?

    TRAPVIEW can be used for any insect which can be efficiently lured into delta trap with appropriate pheromone. This make it versatile monitoring tool.

  • Are pheromones included?

    No. You can use any pheromone from any provider.

  • Is SIM card included?

    It depends upon arrangement. In general you can use your own standard size SIM card.

  • Can the installation be done without support?

    Yes. Based on instructions provided with each trap you should be able to assemble and install TRAPVIEW in the field.

  • When is it best time to install the traps?

    It is advised, that traps are installed a few weeks before expected start of the flight of first generation of targeted pest and retracted from the field after the end of the season.

  • How to store the trap during the winter?

    Switch off the trap (with the switch at the side of the board) put back the glass cover which protects electronics and place it in the storage.

  • When battery is empty it seems to be charging slowly? Is there any other way to charge it besides solar panel?

    Li-Ion battery is inside each TRAPVIEW. In order to prevent damage which could happen if empty battery is suddenly overcharged a special electronics which regulates optimal charging is included. Usually first few charging cycles will take longer before normal charging cycle is enabled. Trap is also automatically charged when USB cable is plugged.

  • What cloud processing does to images that come from traps?

    Cloud processing plays crucial role at picture manipulation. Multiple images received from each trap are processed, enhanced, stitched together and pests are being automatically recognized.A set of other operations is performed in order to optimally prepare raw data for further usage.

  • Can data be pulled from the cloud to other portals/systems?

    Yes. a set of web services is prepared in order to allow other systems to collect data.

  • Is data archived?

    Yes. All pictures and metadata are available for at least two seasons. After that full size pictures are available on demand, while all metadata (number of pests, image thumbnails, all events, etc) remain fully available without time limitation.

  • Yes. If you own TRAPVIEW then you can access data related to your traps and to traps to which others have granted you access.

  • Does application changes over time?

    Yes. On average there are updates every two months, where changes based on feedback from our clients are deployed.

  • What is needed to run the application?

    Latest version of one of major browsers should be fine. Each release of application is also being tested on a set of different popular mobile devices before it is publicly available.

  • Why do I need support&service pack?

    Support &service pack gives you access to the TRAPVIEW support team which has the most comprehensive knowledge of the product. It also gives you full access to all advanced features of the application including automatic image recognition, manual marking of pests and advanced statistics.

  • Is support&service pack mandatory?

    Yes. The Support and service pack enables continuous operation and development of Trapview.

Simple to implement. Simple to use. Simple to trust

To start using TRAPVIEW only basic choices have to be made and there are attractive pricing options available to suit your business model best.

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